Dentine Hypersentivity

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Have you ever had a shocking sensation on your teeth whenever you take cold drinks, ice cream, some fruits like orange & pineapple? Do you find it uncomfortable chewing chocolates?

You may have what is referred to as “Dentinal Hypersensitivity” or “Teeth Sensitivity”. Dentinal Hypersensitivity refers to the feeling of shocking sensation whenever you take certain cold or hot drinks/ food.



The tooth is made up of 3 layers:

Outer Layer (Enamel) – This helps to prevent the tooth from feeling pain or shock.

Middle layer (Dentin) – This houses some tubes that contains nerve (just imagine having a pipe that contains naked electric wire in your house).

Inner Layer (Pulp) – Whenever the outer layer wears off, it exposes the middle layer that has these tubes which contains nerves (naked electric wire).  When you take something cold, sugary or sour, it tends to go into these tubes thus leading to the shocking sensation.



WHAT CAUSES THE TOOTH TO WEAR OFF?dentine-hypersensitivity

A lot of things tend to cause the outer layer to wear off. However, we will list the common ones:

1. Attrition – when you grind your teeth together (consciously or unconsciously) over time, it causes wearing of your teeth.

2. Abrasion – This occurs in people that chew very hard bones or open soft drinks with their teeth. Also, some people use metals to scrape their teeth.

3. Erosion – This occur when you take acidic drinks or foods (such as citrus, pineapple fruit drinks, snacks etc.) too frequently.

4. Brushing too vigorously especially just after eating may damage the teeth.

5. Tooth Fracture – Whenever a part of the tooth gets broken, it exposes the tubes that are in the middle layer.


Use of desensitizing toothpaste will help reduce the shocking sensation. However, if the shocking sensation persists, you can book an appointment with us at your earliest convenience.


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