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Do you accept walk in patients?

In most cases, we can accommodate a limited number of walk-in patients. However, next-day appointments are occasionally necessary. Appointments are advisable for all non-emergency treatments.

Why do you discourage cash payments in the clinics?

We place a significant premium on patient/staff safety. In this regard, we view cash holdings in the office as an avoidable source of danger to our patients and staff.

For the convenience of our patients, we have made available multiple payment channels including electronic bank transfer, USSD payments, POS and   cash deposit at bank.

 What should I bring along on my first appointment?

Please bring a list of the medications you are taking, HMO information (if any), your current eyeglasses or contact lenses (if any).

How long will my appointment last?

Depending on your specific needs, your initial visit will last approximately one to three hours. During this first visit, we will record your medical history and information, and perform the tests we need to get a complete picture of your ocular, dental health or general health. After our tests, we will discuss the results with you, as well as how treatments should proceed.

Please note that these tests may require us to dilate your pupils, which will make your eyes sensitive to light, and will distort your vision slightly. These effects are normal, and usually subside within a few hours. You should plan to bring something to shield your eyes from sunlight after your appointment, such as sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat. Many of our patients also bring someone to drive them home.

How much will my treatment costs?

It is difficult to state the cost without knowing the underlying problem or procedures involved. However, we charge a registration fee of N1.000 and a consultation fee of N10,000 ( dental and ophthalmology) and N25,000 (ENT). Additional procedures or investigations may attract additional charges.

Which HMOs / Health Insurance Plans do you accept?

We are privileged to work with under listed international health insurance and HMO partners:

International Health Insurance

  1. AIMS
  2. Allianz Partners
  3. CIGNA
  4. BUPA

Health Maintenance Organisations

  2. Hygeia
  3. THT Liberty Blue
  4. Leadway Health
  5. AIICO Multishield
  6. Alleanza Health
  7. AVON Healthcare
  8. Reliance HMO
  9. First Guaranty Healthcare
  10. Fountain Healthcare
  11. GreenBay HMO
  12. GNI Healthcare
  13. Hallmark HMO
  14. Health ASSUR
  15. Health Partners
  17. LifeWORTH HMO
  18. Marina Medical Services
  19. Mediplan Healthcare
  20. NOVO Health Africa
  21. Oceanic Health Management
  22. Phillips HMO
  23. Royal Exchange Healthcare
  24. Salus Trust HMO
  25. SUNU Health
  26. Swift HMO
  27. MetroHealth HMO
  29. Bastion Health
  30. Eagle HMO
  31. HCI Healthcare
  32. IHMS
  33. Kennedia HMO
  34. Lifecare Partners
  35. MB&O Healthcare Services
  36. NNPC HMO
  37. Precious Healthcare
  38. Redcare HMO
  40. ROTHAUGE Healthcare
  41. Serene HMO
  42. Sterling Health
  43. SUNU Health
  44. United Healthcare
  45. Venus Medicare
  46. Veritas Healthcare











Image of Partial edentulism
Partial edentulism

Edentulism is simply defined as toothlessness. It is a condition of one being toothless to a certain degree. It can either be partial or complete.

Partial edentulism – this occurs when someone has loss of one or more of his/her tooth but not all of the teeth.

Complete/total edentulism – this occurs when someone has loss of all teeth in the mouth.


  1. Dental cavity: when a tooth that has hole is left untreated for a long time, it may degenerate to the stage that the only viable option would be to have it removed.
  2. Gum diseases/peridontal diseases affects the alveoli bones, peridontal ligaments and gum which together form the principal support of the teeth resulting in loosening and falling out of the tooth.
  3. Trauma

Other risk factors include:

  1. Smoking: leads to gum damages, therefore it is best for nicotine addicts to quit;
  2. Age: studies shows that more than 70% of people over the age of 65 have had one or more tooth removed due to cavities or gum diseases;
  3. Genetics: if your blood relatives have removed their tooth, you may also have an elevated risk as well;
  4. Stress;
  5. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis might make one susceptible to tooth loss because they contribute to risk of developing gum diseases;
  6. Certain medications may cause side effects like dry mouth that can further develop gum diseases.



  1. Loss of facial aesthetics.
  2. Loss of fullness of the cheek, facial vertical height.
  3. Alterations within the lips and tongue making some pronunciations difficult.
  4. Gradual degeneration of the alveoli bone within the mouth which makes the tongue broaden out and creates difficulty for dentist when creating a denture.
  5. Masticatory difficulty.


  • Brushing your teeth twice daily (morning and at night)
  • Flossing after every meal
  • Visit your dentist twice yearly
  • Usage of dentist – recommended mouthwash
  • Prompt treatment of any existing tooth cavity.


Edentulism/tooth loss has a vast impact on an individual’s general and psychological health. Thus, early presentation and regular dental visits will help to prevent unnecessary loss of tooth and enhance proper oral management.





Image of Partial edentulism
Partial edentulism


Strabismus is a medical condition when eyes don’t line up or when one or both eyes wander.
•. The eyes may turn inward (called Esotropia or Cross-eyed)
• Outward(Exotropia)
• Up (hypertropia)
• Down(hypotropia)


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