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Every child should get their eyes checked by an experienced eye care provider. For babies born prematurely, it is  mandatory that their eyes should be checked by an ophthalmologist. Certain eye conditions such as retinopathy of prematurity (eye blood vessel problem that is potentially blinding); refractive errors (abnormal ‘eye’ power), retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye), cataract, glaucoma, developmental abnormalities etc. can be detected early and appropriate timely intervention commenced.

Do not instill non prescribed eye drops, urine, breast milk, or herbal mixtures into a child’s eyes. It is safer and more cost effective in the long run to have the child reviewed by authorized eye care providers first. The eyes are precious, the eyes of our children are even more precious.

The figure below is an example of one of the simple tests that can screen the eyes.

(Warning: This is just a preliminary test, it does not replace a comprehensive dilated eye examination by the eye care provider!)

Eye screening Test

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